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does video content increase sales in 2019?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Do me a favor and go to any website at all, count for me how many videos they have uploaded to their site. The answer is probably anywhere from 2-50. This is not a coincidence, it's a billion dollar money making machine called Video Marketing. Video Content Marketing has been skyrocketing in popularity for several years now, and show no signs of slowing down.

Video Content Marketing
Video Content Marketing Is Getting More Popular Every Year

Why Video Content

Videos have become an infinitely powerful tool for marketers and businesses. They offer a lot of uses, from straight forward advertising, to increase engagement on social media, to educating consumers on how to use certain products, we have become surrounded by video. According to studies published in Forbes Magazine website by TJ McCue, "More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major US television networks have created in 30 years."

According to Wyzowl reports, currently 61% of US businesses use videos. How and why are they using video? 45% of video using businesses use explainer videos on their home page and 83% of these businesses say it helps. 87% of businesses that use video, do so on social media, and of these 78% say it's effective. Marketers love the ROI (Return On Investment) that video content offers. With video; conversion rates increases, social media engagement increases, time on websites increases, and CTA (Call To Actions) are more effective.

Not only do marketers love video but consumers do to. Exactly how many people you say? 85% of US based internet users watch video content monthly on any device. Video Content is anything from comedic YouTube videos to Facebook Ads. That's is why companies are trying to combine the 2. This is nothing new, but it's pretty common sense to apply an entertaining factor to any piece of video content. People are more likely to stick around and then buy. We are increasingly interweaving entertainment with information and advertisement. That is why your favorite youtubers tell you to guy buy their new merch or online course. This is also why we are starting to see companies like CHANEL and Adidas create original short films and upload them to Youtube and social media.

Video Content Marketing is NEW and exciting. Video trends show up and disappear in months. It's every man for himself. There's lots of jobs being created specifically for this industry, and there's lots of room for experimentation and there's always new ways to communicate to consumers. It's truly like the wild west out here.

The Outliers. Some Companies are Still Holding Back On Video

Some companies are still holding back on video. Stuck in the old way of thinking about marketing. These are probably the companies that spend most of their marketing budget on billboards and pamphlets. In the Wyzowl report they determined that 39% of businesses have not implemented video into their marketing strategy. Reasons for not implementing video often involve the step learning curve, not enough budget, and fear of being on camera. But there's plenty creative work arounds to implement video. More and more companies take into account video production skills when looking for new hires in marketing departments, and there's more ways of marketing than just being on camera.

Some Important Statistics

  • 33% of users say they’ve watched a video in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store before downloading – and over half of them say it helped them to decide whether to download or buy.

  • When having difficulty with an app or product, 68% of users would prefer to watch a video that explains how to solve the problem, as opposed to calling the business and speaking to a support team member.

  • Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support

  • Viewers are 95% more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video, compared to 10 percent when reading it in text format

  • 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices

How do I get started With Video Marketing

If you still haven't jumped on the video content train, the good news is there's still time. The options are pretty straight forward. You can learn video production skills in dozens of ways from hundreds of sources. I recommend learning platforms such Youtube and Skillshare. I will also say, don't complicate things, keep your videos simple and to the point. Define the reason your making a video and convey that in a straight forward way. There's no shame in starting small if you are a small business. Option 2 is for people and companies with a little or a lot of extra cash. Outsource it. There's plenty of agencies and freelancers that are dedicated to creating video content. I recommend finding a freelancer that already creates content that reflects the kind of image and branding you would like to convey. I would stay away from agencies if your wallet can help it, only because they won't put that extra level of personal care into your work. Prices widely vary because there's many levels of quality, experience, and premium service out there.

The sky is the limit when it comes to video content marketing. Create video content now rather than later. And long story short, yes Video Content does increase sales in 2019.

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